Initial Concept

Initial Concept Development If the bank is high enough, then users will be able to directly access the bridge from the bank. However, if the bank is too low and will not be able to let the bridge clear the height restriction then a ramp will need to be made. On the south side, there … Continued

Initial concept development

For my final design I chose the cable stayed bridge because despite having a tall and relatively obtrusive tower I felt that it was the best for this location. The bascule bridge would have been very long meaning that the ends would have been very thick to compensate for the bending moment about the piers. … Continued

initial concept

I sketched various concept designs for bridge option 3. out of 5 designs I chose the one I liked the most and elaborated on that.I then calculated the length that the ramp and stairs had to be then I sketched the building to scale. I thought about the reasons for using steel and concrete and talked … Continued

Comparing Designs

  Advantages Disadvantages Design 1 (Fink Truss) ·         Strong design. ·         Simple design. ·         Might not fit with Chelsea Bridge. ·         Could be seen as ugly depending on the materials. Design 2 (Bowstring Arch With Truss) ·         Nice looking design. ·         Fits with Chelsea Bridge. ·         Strong design. ·         Could be expensive to build. ·         … Continued

Day 3 Log

Designing an activity for Make a Scape Aim: Similar to the 2-player cantilever game, both players start as close to either side of the screen as possible. However, the aim with this activity is to make your structure pass where your opponent started. As long as your structure doesn’t touch the ground, anything goes. It’s … Continued

Day three- designing my own activity

Creating my activity Base on the work I did about the Hong Kong Peak Tower yesterday, I created this activity called the “platform” activity where you try to build the widest and tallest platform you can without it failing the strength test. The “platform” activity the aim of this activity is to give KS3/4 students a brief idea … Continued

Day 3- Freya

Aim: create a windmill that will spin when rock fall is active Description: This is for KS3 physics students in the classroom or for home learning to help them understand: turning moments and air resistance and weight in relation to surface area and possibly speed calculations. Curriculum links: This links to Physics KS3 GCSE:  moment as the … Continued

Initial Designs

0561_001This is the default text!   List of initial designs

Initial Concept

Made seven pages of sketches of all sorts of ideas and designs for the bridge. This included plan and elevation views of the different designs. There was a mixture of cable-stayed, suspension and beam bridges. I then made more detailed sketches of 3 of the designs from the first lot. They became more detailed in … Continued

Chosen Design

Chosen Design For my initial concept development I sketched 4 footbridges which I thought were appropriate given the environment. During my team meeting I was able to narrow down my designs, this led me to focus on my first option and I was able to further develop the bridge. My chosen design is a cable … Continued