Student Studio projects are available for purchase in the form of online workbooks.

Each workbook provides students with daily instructions, and space to enter their work.

  • When supervisors access the workbooks, they see what the student sees, plus some additional guidance on how to support the students.
  • Each day students must submit their work for review by their supervisor. The supervisors must approve the work before the student proceeds.
  • At the end of the placement, the workbook is available for download as a PDF record of the placement.


Getting started with Student Studio

Browse the available workbooks under ‘Buy Workbooks’ tab, and buy as many as you need. You will need one per student.

  • Making a purchase gives you access to your Student Studio co-ordination dashboard.
  • From this dashboard you can register your students, register the staff that will be supervising them.
  • You can now assign each student a workbook and a supervisor. When you do this, Student Studio will automatically send out login information to students supervisors.
  • During their work experience placements you can check up in your students’ progress by looking at their workbooks and reading the supervisor comments.
  • From your dashboard, you can purchase new workbooks as and when you need them.