Bridge design

Concept:  The bridge will be accessible by a pathway attached to Grosvenor Road to directly in front of Battersea Power station (see map). This will then grant immediate access to Pimlico station and the power plant. The supports will be made of reinforced steel and the shape will be that of a single, rotated arch … Continued

Initial Ideas

From the off, by choosing option 3 we have limited the type of bridge we can design. The first one is a beam bridge, due to the height we must reach, the bridge will almost certainly need to arch creating an arch bridge and defeating the point of it being a beam as well as … Continued

Designing the Bride

Before starting drawing up rough sketches and initial concepts, I did a bit more research relating to my bridges dimensions; how long it will be, how wide it should be, and how much space to leave for the navigation channel of the Thames. First of all, I needed to find out how wide the river … Continued

Choosing concepts

With only 3m of pavement, access to the bridge will need to be carefully designed.     Using British Standard 5400, min. path width for pedestrians and cyclists with separate paths, I have chosen widths for pedestrians 3m and cyclists 2m, 5.6m width total. 0.3m on either side of deck for railings and cables.   … Continued

Initial Concept

Initial Ideas: Idea 1: Idea 1 is a suspension bridge that features a very curved pathway that extends outwards. It is supported by two main steel pillars with suspension cables attaching to the walkway which help transfer the weight of the users. Pedestrians can easily access the bridge via the two ramps on either side of … Continued

Initial Concept

I drew all the designs on paper, scanned them in and put them in the word document. I have sent Hazel the word document and my reflective diary.

Day 3- Developing my design

See word document linked below \\\jobs\498 Hazel Secondment\Work Experience\Niall\ Day 3 Initial Concept Development How will users access your bridge? Users will access the bridge with ramps. There will be ramps on both banks to allow both cyclists and pedestrians to cross the bridge. The ramps will start a bit further back from the river … Continued

day 3

 To deal with the weak soil I would excavate it with an excavator on track, so the steep terrain won’t give to many problems. Then using a dump truck, I would transport it to drop off points along the track from which the excavators would take it down the steep terrain, to the water pipeline … Continued


Reason Behind My Design: Low disruption – The bridge can be assembled relatively easily as it can be just be bolted together from the railway bridge. No new bridge piers are necessary, as two of the railway bridge piers can be extended slightly, to support the anchor arms. Beam is resting on arms – thermal … Continued

Bridge Design

Initial Designs 8 initial designs were created with various types and designs of bridges and access ramps incorporated. All designs were made to meet the basic requirements of keeping the required clearance over the river and providing full accessibility to all users. Initial Bridge Designs for Review Design Team Meeting These designs were then discussed … Continued