Today i researched different types of dams, focusing on function and construction. Also i researched the largest, tallest and most expensive dams in the world. As well as these two research tasks i had a look at how dams are constructed. types of dams research record dams Dam construction


London Millennium Bridge Span – 320m Construction Started – 1996 Opened – 2000 Cost – £18.2M Material – Steel Function – Footbridge Two y-shaped armatures support 8 cables that run along the side of the deck. Steel transverse arms clamp on to cables at 8m intervals Distance between highest and lowest part of cable never … Continued

Day 1 diary

Electrification means I can get to Wales quicker.

Research on three different bridges

Millennium Bridge (London) links both sides of the river. It was built in 1998 and was opened to the public in June 2000. it has a low profile suspension, supported by cables. 325m long and 4m wide. it has aluminium decking which is light and easy to support, it also has stainless steel balustrades. when constructing … Continued

Research into proposed bridge

Initial research focused on looking at existing footbridges spanning rivers and a look specifically at the site of the new proposed footbridge spanning the river Thames at Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms. Bridge research focused on three main bridges; the London Millennium Bridge, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Infinity Bridge. All three bridges used … Continued

Project research

Examples of Bridges Millennium Bridge Shape: ‘Blade of light’ suspension bridge which has supporting cables which are below the deck level and so has a very shallow profile. Dimensions: The bridge has a span of 144 metres. A width of 4 metres and a length of 325 metres. Material: The bridge has steel suspension cables. … Continued


Type of bridge Advantages                              disadvantages Span Suspension bridge Strong, any load is transferred into tension into the main cables. Main cables have to be anchored to resist it. Expensive and complex to build Medium- long   Arch bridge Strong, cheap, simple design and can be built with a wide variety of materials. Can cause … Continued

Bridges Research

Different Types Of Bridges Simple Arch Below deck. Short distance or simple materials. Bowstring, Through And Tied Arch goes above deck. Bowstring and tied are where the arch connects to the deck. Cable-Stayed Have one or more pylons with cables supporting the bridge deck. Cables fanned out. Cantilever spar has one pylon that either leans … Continued