Starting off with web-based research and getting used to the idea of logging my experiences in reflective diaries, capture what i find out about bridges.

5 different bridges and some engineering behind them

Forth Rail Bridge This was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker. However, construction began in 1890. Materials = mostly made of steel and granite It is a cantilever bridge where a cantilever beam supports a light central girder Each cantilever tower is supported by a circular pier Located just west of Edinburgh … Continued

Dam Research

Arch Dams Arch dams are concrete dams, curved into the shape of an arch, such that the top of the arch is curved backwards into the water. This arch shape is a strong one. It is designed so that the force of the weight of the water behind it compresses and strengthens it. refer to … Continued

Dam Research

Main types of dam Arch dam They are made up of concrete. the dam must be support at its ends by solid rock and need to be built upon rock with good foundations this dam is most suitable for narrow gorges so that the steep walls of the embodying rock-side provide support for the structure … Continued

Bridge Research

London Millennium Bridge This is a shallow suspension bridge which is predominantly supported by two ‘Y’ shaped arms. The deck is four meters wide and four cables run along each side of it that span the whole length of the bridge. Every eight meters the cables are clamped on to the deck to provide support … Continued

Footbridge Research

London Millennium Bridge, London, UK ( 325m long, 4m wide, built using concrete, steel, aluminium, locked coil cable and stainless steel (,                              Designed by Sir Norman Foster, Sir Anthony Caro and engineering company Arup (ibid) … Continued


Suspension Bridge The main forces – tension in the cables and compression in the pillars. Cables suspended via towers hold up the road deck. The weight is transferred by the cables to the towers, then to the ground. Suspension bridges have large main cables hung between the towers and are anchored at each end to … Continued


The Site – Nine Elms: There are 3 possible alignments for the footbridge: Option 1 – Attach the new footbridge to the side of the existing railway bridge. Pros – Views of the power station are not disrupted, less materials are required due to the strength provided by the existing structure. Cons – Disruption to … Continued


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Research on Bridges and the Battersea Site

Link for Gateshead Millennium Bridge rotation:   See Word Document for images and maps   Bridge Research Day 1 London Millennium Bridge Suspension Bridge Piers made from concrete and steel with an aluminium deck and 120mm locked coil cables. Total length: 325 metres (1,066 ft.) Width: 4 metres (13ft.) Longest span: 144 metres (472 … Continued