“My Student Studio experience made my work placement very worthwhile. The tasks pushed my knowledge and made me think about aspects of Engineering that, as an A level student, I wouldn’t have realised were part of an Engineering project. I left my work experience feeling like I had achieved something and it has made me more motivated to pursue a career in Engineering.”

Nikki Kaur, Student.


“Student Studio is an excellent tool that assists employers with providing structure to work experience placements and so improves the experience for both students and their supervisor”.

Tony Ellender, Balfour Beatty.


“A window into the engineering world, Student Studio gave me a real insight into the research, planning and development behind complex and significant technical structures.”

John Duff, Student.


“Student Studio has helped us immensely in engaging and involving work experience students in the design process. By looking at the whole process, it allows them to understand the complexities of bridge design in the short time they are with us and creates an enthusiasm for the work that is otherwise difficult to generate. It simplifies the demands on supervising engineers and directs their energies to generating a learning environment for the student.”

David Knight, Flint & Neill Ltd.


“I really enjoyed my week with Expedition Engineering, it helped me realise what engineers do on a day-to-day basis”.

Kieran Hobden, Student.