Reflective Diary   11/08/2017 With my finished design and calculations, I created a power point, including the main points, information on the Battersea area and scanned sketches of the construction sequence and the bridge. I presented the PowerPoint to other engineers and summer students and I was able to answer their questions at the end; … Continued

Organise and Present

Final Drawings of the Bridge: Presentation: Presentation has been printed off separately.

The Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is linked below: \ Hazel SecondmentWork ExperienceNiall Reflective Diary Day 5 Today, I started with just finishing off my bridge designs and sketches as well as the final scale drawing so that I could use that for more in depth analysis and make the sketches neater to use in my presentation. Using … Continued

day 5

I didn’t have any post its so I wrote timeline the on excel. I felt my presentation went reasonably well, if a little hesitant at the start. also I forgot a couple of points but was asked about them so was reminded to talk about them. The highlight of my week was going to the … Continued

Final Day

Today started by taking a sight visit to AKDN: a building sight near Kings Cross Station. It was very interesting , as the building was in an early stage and lots was going on. They were mainly lifting concrete slabs into place, to make up the walls, and filling in the concrete floors. I found … Continued

Final Presentation

Presentation On the final day it was required to give a presentation to several fellow engineers about the design concept created and how this came from the brief. This presentation was given in the meeting room with 8 members of staff present including a company director. The presentation tracked the project from brief through to … Continued


For this section I created a power point summarising what I have done in the past 4 sections with images to make it easier to visualise. Also, I created a story board of the construction process using tracing paper. Finally, I finished a sketch of my final idea in neat.

organising and presenting

Today I presented the work I had done over the week in a powerpoint presentation. I presented it to 3 of the engineers working at expedition and they asked me questions about my design. Later in the day I interviewed 5 engineers and architects to get an idea of what to study and what an … Continued


Today I did my presentation PowerPoint and drew my final sketch in pen. Also, I researched about the construction of bridges.


Did a detailed final drawing of the bridge from different views. This took a long time but it was worth it because it meant that I had a nice drawing of my bridge. Prepared a presentation and delivered it to 6 other people which was challenging but I enjoyed it. It included all the different … Continued