Calculations and construction

Calculations: The bridge is to be roughly 0.05m thick of reinforced steel with a top layer of aluminium The live load is approximately 576,000kg The dead load and then consequently the weight on each support was hard to work out but would probably be something with a factor of *10^8kg Construction sequence: Supports in water … Continued

Calculations and Construction Sequence

Reflective Diary   10/08/2017 With the help of Fernando, I calculated the weights, cost and safety of the bridge; a part I particularly enjoyed and it feels very gratifying once finished. With the use of codes and information on materials, it’s fascinating how much can be calculated on paper about a structure. Fernando showed me … Continued

Calculations and Construction

Calculations: How thick does the bridge need to be? The deck will be 1 metre in depth. What is the live load on the bridge? Walkway – 5 people per m² Cycle path – 1 person per m² Walkway live load = 312,000kg Cycle pathways live load = 49,400kg Total live load = 361,400kg How … Continued

Construction of the bridge

  Day 4 How will the construction materials be brought to the site? The construction materials can be delivered to the site by truck, train or ferry and then the parts of the bridge will be pre-built on the banks of the river in one of the two car parks just behind the Battersea Power … Continued

day 4

Concrete- cement, water, aggregate. There are a couple of options concerning the production of concrete for the dam. The first option would be to transport the concrete to the sight, premixed, in trucks. The second option would be to build a plant on sight. To do this second option it would be required that a … Continued


Construction: Extend bridge piers – I will use concrete and drill into the existing bridge piers. I will add steel bars that will bind the two together. Steel towers – I will bolt on square towers to the bridge piers. Bank foundations – I will dig into banks and place the end of the bridge … Continued

Calculations and Construction

Calculations Volumes of material The deck sections are deigned to be made of precast concrete sections that will be 1 metre thick and 17 metres long for the main spans of the bridge, other sections will be needed for the access ramp. The column that supports the bridge will be made of stainless steel, decided … Continued

Calculations and Construction

Calculations: The live loads on the bridge will include pedestrians (80kg) and cyclists (95kg). Live loads are loads that are moving. Dead loads are the actual weight of the bridge that does not move. the supports will need to take the weight of the arch, deck and the pedestrians/cyclists. Construction Sequence: First, foundations will be … Continued


On day 4 I calculated the height of the steel trusses required for my span using the span to thickness ratios for steel. I calculated the live load on the bridge, the weight of  the bridge according to the different materials I used for each part of the bridge, the lateral force acting on the … Continued